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Dog Theme Neo Traditional Airbrush Tattoo Sleeve by Tat Bar Las Vegas


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Florals TITLE 1


neck dome TITLE


tribals TITLE


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Chicano Style



sacred geo TITLE

Sacred Geometry

Tat Bar Las Vegas Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Tribal Tattoo 062

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Adeline Maine
Adeline Maine
March 3, 2024
Christian Heise
Christian Heise
February 29, 2024
From the start Chris and Grace were amazing! I called with some ideas, and just like that the adventure took off. I wanted some temp tattoos before I permanently get one. They got the job done. They both are friendly, fun, respectful, and their shop is so cool! I easily recommend this place for any tattoo idea you have - whether it’s events, temp tattoo, anything. Thanks again to Chris and Grace! The work you both do is amazing.
bert friel
bert friel
February 9, 2024
This is the place to go if you want a realistic temp tattoo. I sent Grace the owner/tattoo artist a picture of my palomino horse and when she was done with my tattoo it looked exactly like my horse. Grace did an awesome job and I highly recommend Grace if you’re looking for just a temp or temp tat to decide whether to get a permanent one. I am now going to get a permanent one done. See picture
jada shak
jada shak
February 5, 2024
so good!!! loved it!!!!!!!!!
Lonnie Lowe
Lonnie Lowe
January 31, 2024
Unbelievable customer service! They allowed me to come in the same day. I never had anything that I had cared about having a tattoo done, until I became a grandfather. I wanted to see what his name would look like. Their experience and kindness was unmatched!
January 29, 2024
This place was a highlight of my Vegas trip. If you need an extra edge to your putfits, come here. They provide temporary tattoos that are high quality. You'll be contacted as soon as you book to talk about what you want (they texted me). If they ask what you want be sure to explain what you like about the tattoo inspo pics you provide them because they may make an actual stencil for it ahead of time. E.g. I sent a photo of lace garter tattoo but didn't explain I like them thinner. All good though. They were friendly and professional and even helped me stage photos to prank my husband that I was getting an actual tattoo. Overall fun experience. Follow the after care instructions they give you!!!
Ernest Roy III
Ernest Roy III
January 21, 2024
Absolutely AMAZING experience! They took great care of me and I’ll definitely be back for more.
Mel C
Mel C
January 15, 2024
SickπŸ”₯, the craftsmen work on this temp tatt is unbelievable! Then to top it off customers service is A1. Run don’t walk to Vegas Temp Tattoos if you are considering getting a real tattoo but want a mock up first… this the place!!!
Bradshaw McClung
Bradshaw McClung
October 29, 2023
Had an awesome experience! We were able to book an appointment pretty last minute and he was very accommodating to our group of four. My tattoo is 8 days old at the time of posting this and it has barely started to fade. Excellent work!

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