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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do TatBar airbrush temporary tattoos cost?

At Tat Bar Las Vegas, we charge according to the time it takes to apply the temporary tattoo. If you require custom designs, we also charge by how long it takes. Our base rate for either is $120/hr for both design time and application time. So, for example, if your custom design takes 45 minutes to design and 30 minutes to apply, the cost would be $80 to design and laser cut the stencil and $60 to apply, so total $140.

Most of our designs from our collection such as a realistic rose take around 15-20 minutes to apply in black and gray, so $30-$40.

How long do Tat Bar Temporary Airbrush Tattoos last?

The short answer is “about a week – with proper care”, but how many days depends on a few factors:

  1. Where is the longest lasting placement? The arms is the longest lasting, while the hands, neck and face wear off in a day or so.
  2. How often can you shower or go swimming? Although our inks are semi waterproof, frequent contact with water can reduce lasting time or damage the tattoos. Avoid long periods in chlorinated or salty water. This can weaken your tattoo.
  3. How do you make it last longer? Be sure to follow the care instructions and use setting powder after each shower!
Can I easily change colors?

Yes, you can change the main appearance of your website and see the changes instantly in the live preview.

Is it easy to apply?

Yes!It’s easy for us to apply these tattoos because they are airbrushed. It’s TOTALLY painless and our ink smells like candy. Airbrush tattoos are also the fastest way to do it so you can get a sleeve from our collection in about an hour.

All Gain. No Pain.

Can I easily change colors?

Yes, you can get color if you like. We have a range of very realistic tattoo colors to choose from.

Care Instructions
Tat Bar Care Instructions
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