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best things to do in las vegas

The Best Things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the global center of entertainment! Glitz, glitter, and never-ending excitement are hallmarks of this dynamic city. With its renowned casinos, spectacular...

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Tat Bar Las Vegas Temporary Tattoo Sleeves 2505

Japanese Traditional

Japanese Traditional Style tattoos, also known as "Irezumi", are an ancient form of body art originating from Japan. They are characterized by their...

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3850 Vanessa Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 509-4990

- Hours of Operation - By Appt. Only @ Studio - Walk-Ins @ Area 15 Only

Tuesday11AM - 6PM
Wednesday11AM - 6PM
Thursday (Area 15)2 PM - 9PM
Friday (Area 15)2PM - 9PM
Saturday (Area 15)2PM - 9PM
Sunday (Area 15)2PM - 9PM